Virgin rolls out network-level filter - Alphr

F-Secure SAFE | Internet security for all devices Stay secure online by installing F‑Secure SAFE. Award-winning internet security from Virgin Media. 5 devices FREE for 12 months (normally £79.99 a year), then just £25 a year. 5 devices FREE for 12 months (normally £79.99 a year) and no automatic sign up. Then just £25 each year thereafter. Websafe not working - Virgin Media Community - 4008841 I turned off Child safe on my VM account settings but the problem still persists and it doesn't disable child safe. On some websites the virgin media message appears as saying Child Safe is still turned 'on', which it isn't. modern web browsers provide protection to stop an authenticated Virgin Media's Hub does not allow a custom DNS to

Safe site for a fantastic british ISP and TV provider, etc.. Great internet, Tivo is amazing, but WOT isn't really about that. So, it's safe. The website is safe, free of viruses, and just a good site to be on if you're a virgin media fan or something. Sent from a Macbook connected to a Virgin Media smart hub.

The choice to use Web Safe is of course up to you, and there may be situations where you don't need it. If you’re a Virgin Fibre customer, we’ll ask to you choose your Web Safe settings when you register for My Virgin Media. If you want to change your settings later on, or you've not yet made a choice, here’s how: Register or Sign in to We're doing some work on our site

If you're already a Virgin Media customer but don't have a My Virgin Media account, you can register now. It only takes a minute. Register now. Got a Virgin Mobile? Sign in to your Virgin Mobile account

Turning on Parental Controls | Virgin Media Ireland To activate Virgin Media Parental Controls select ‘ACTIVATE’ To deactivate Virgin Media Parental Controls select ’DEACTIVATE’ It may take up to 24 hours for the change to be activated on your modem. The Parental Controls area in My Virgin Media will be updated once the service has been activated or deactivate. Switch on parental control