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Feb 11, 2019 · It shows a military vehicle with this sign displayed across the windshield: "One Weekend a Month, My Ass!" In fact, as the Guard explains, its "343,000 Soldiers, 8 division headquarters, 27 Army National Guard - One Weekend a Month Providing highly trained citizen-soldiers to strengthen the nation's domestic and international defense capabilities, the Army National Guard plays a vital role in securing America's freedom. Comprised of more than 300,000 combat-ready personnel, the Army National Guard is a major component of America's military arsenal. Honoring a commitment that May 31, 2016 · Hi! My name is Felicia, and let me tell you about my brother Sam's bet. This story happened two years ago when I was 17. I had waist long light brown hair, green eyes and an average looking body. My 15-year-old brother was the same height as me with brown eyes and short dark brown hair. From what I've gathered, one weekend a month, two weeks a year has only ever applied to E4s and below. Even in the old Guard, at least in my state. Your mileage may vary from state to state. It's almost impossible to be a competent leader in a line unit and do that, unless you want to surrender all authority respect to your AGR staff.

The slogan has now become known in a changed form, "One weekend a month my ass", as a comment on the perceived mistreatment of the National Guard reservists. Real service requirements contrasted to expectations Edit. During some periods of the 2003 war in Iraq, the National guard represented 41% of the personnel deployed.

Schedule Rotation Being Phased Out? : Lowes Honestly it needs to. Having person A's weekend off overlap with person B's Sun/Friday screws over person C, where once a month they are by themselves. The answer is NOT a Monday Friday rotation. 6 days in a row once a month already is rough, but regularly 7 days in a row is uncalled for. I'm not sure what the rotation should look like. 7 Black-Ass Things I Will Teach My Kids to Make Them HBCU

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One weekend a month my ASS!!!!! First, let me start off by saying that I am a very patriotic man. I served 6 1/2 years in the New Jersey National Guard with 2 1/2 on Title X Active Duty. The point of this is to show that I have done my time. Not one time while I was on active duty did I complain on speak out against my chain of command. Nightline Thursday: Weekend Warriors (WW My A** sign One of our cameramen got a shot of a humvee in Iraq. Written on the side was "One weekend a month my ass." The idea that the Guard is made up of guys who are out of shape and just show up to hang around a base for a weekend now and then should certainly be put to rest. Exalted in one AV weekend : lightshope Last AV weekend however I was going for the rep on my newest 60 and got to revered. Ally won a little more but there were different factors. One is that the first time I did the rep grind I was doing it as melee, and melee have a hell of a hard time in AV due to the overflowing NPCs that hit … "Not Quite One Weekend a Month": Disaster Relief with the Mar 13, 2020