The PUSHD will assign a drive to the network drive like Z: in your codes but X: in my box since Z: and Y: are used. Anyway, I think it might be problem to schedule a job to map to network drive. I event tried to make the drive first and then tried to "IF EXIST S:*.* echo S: is there" as a local system scheduled job.

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1. Local Win7 32 bit desktop has vDos installed. The desktop computer has has a persistent network drive (\\RWserver\RW) mapped as drive G:\ 2. The local win 7 desktop can and has accessed the mapped drive and application for years using Windows XP. It is launched via a batch file on the local desktop that points to the mapped network drive. 3.

To map a network drive in Windows 10, follow the steps below. Open File Explorer. In Explorer right-click on This PC and click Map network drive. In the Map Network Drive window, select the drive letter you want to use and type in the network path as the folder.

The issue occurs when you use a mapped network drive for your packages. The location of the packages you publish to Orchestrator can be seen in the UiPath.settings file on the Robot machine, under the NuGetServerUrl parameter. The mapped network drive is available to the user that created it, while the Robot Service runs system-wide.

Removing all of the CIS recommended settings makes the speed fast for both types of network drive mapping. The connecting and the sharing servers are in two different data centers, connected via the internet. Regardless of which connection (net use / windows explorer) is …