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How to Uninstall Dropbox (from Windows 10, Android and iPhone) Apr 06, 2020 How to uninstall Dropbox on a Mac computer in 4 easy steps Whether you want to uninstall Dropbox on your Mac to free up space for your other cloud storage apps or make room for the reinstallation of a newer version of the program, you can do it in four 5 Ways to Remove Dropbox from Mac - itselectable

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How to Easily Uninstall Dropbox on MacBook/iMac/Mac Mini

Click uninstall. Under Programs and Features, you can also click Dropbox and click uninstall. The process is guided and simple from there. On Mac OS X, click the Dropbox icon on the menu bar. Click your profile and select preferences. Navigate to the account tab. Select “Unlink this Dropbox”. Click the icon again, go back to your profile

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