Celotex is the UK market leader in high performance PIR insulation solutions, one of the fastest growing insulation categories in the UK. With a history of continuous product innovation and technical progression, insulation boards from Celotex are ever-evolving in order to provide the best insulation performance possible.

Celotex T-Break™ TB3000 is a thin, foil faced Celotex Double-R™ LG3 is a high performance heart of the Celotex product range, providing a range of thermal insulation solutions to the builder. The Celotex Tuff-R™ GA3000 product is a foil faced thermal insulation board which has core foam uniquely reinforced with glassfibre (except GA3100 Celotex Crown-Up by Celotex Celotex Crown-Up is a brand new product for use in flat roof systems. Representing the next phase of Celotex innovation, Crown-Up is a high performance rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation which delivers excellent dimensional stability and added robustness in a built-up flat roofing system. Celotex Handy Guide 2007 - Tuin Celotex T-Break™ TB3000 is a thin, foil faced insulation board with unreinforced core foam (except 35 - 45mm which contain glass fibre reinforcement) and thicknesses ranging from 12 to 45mm. The T-Break™ name stems from the design function of the range; which is to provide simple solutions to overcome localised thermal bridges.

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Foil Faced XPE Foam Thermal Break Material. Our Foil Faced XPE Foam Thermal Break Material for construction is a brand new heat insulation product manufac-. tured of polyethylene XPE Foam faced with aluminum foil on two sides.It reflects 90 percent of the radiant heat and. reduces energy costs used in winter heating and summer cooling. Reflective Foil thermal insulation is 7 micron thick,

Oct 24, 2015

How Long Does it Take for Styrofoam to Break Down? It has a long shelf life, making it convenient and cost-effective for businesses. It doesn't grow mold or bacteria, so it stays sanitary in storage, and helps keep food safe. The downside to Styrofoam's chemical stability is, once in the environment, it … Which model of Kingspan / Celotex is right for me Sep 03, 2019 Celotex | Celotex Insulation | Building Supplies Online Celotex have constructed an informational kit along with all the details you may want to know on the matter. Whether you are looking for Celotex board 100mm, 50mm or 75mm we have everything in stock. Whether you are looking for Celotex board 100mm, 50mm or 75mm we have everything in stock. Asbestos Content in Fiberboard Building Sheathing