Here is the issue I am having and I have no solution at hand. Intermittently, my Mcafee Total Protection Firewall is blocking my internet access on my desktop only. My other devices, like my video game system, do not have issues. My Firefox and IE will simply hang up when starting, or when opening a new tab or changing pages will hang.

Virus May Be Blocking Internet Access - Page 2 - Virus Jul 19, 2018 Virus blocking antivirus software and websites? - December Dec 07, 2010 Apr 03, 2019 · The antivirus or antimalware solution can’t block the internet connection per se. However, with the unifying of various security solutions into one package, we got ourselves third-party firewalls. Those, on the other hand, can and will block your internet connection.

Hello, I recently got a virus on my computer that is blocking me from using any of my web browsers. Somehow, a fake antivirus is installed on my computer (red cross) that says i must sign up for the full version in order to remove the virus from my computer. I know this is a virus so i am not going to do that.

Is Avast Blocking Your Websites? Here Is How to Fix It!

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Dec 05, 2018 KIS Blocking Internet - Kaspersky Lab Forum: Archive Feb 08, 2018 How to Unblock Things From McAfee | Synonym McAfee products that have a firewall -- such as McAfee AntiVirus Plus and McAfee Total Protection -- include settings that partially or completely remove the Internet access restriction for programs. How to add a network exception in Bitdefender