An extender may work well for you, but a mesh router is more likely to smoothly stream 4K video to multiple TVs at once. Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the March 2020 issue of

1. step 4 is the network name of the router (extender), step 2 is when you are telling the router (extender) what router to extend or connect to. The network name on the router (extender) does not need to be the same as the router selected. 2. It is greyed out because no wireless network was selected. To fix the slow internet connection and to improve WiFi Signals, you will need to extend the WiFi range.. In this way, you will have a stable wireless signal. You can extend the range by using a wireless range extender or by using a secondary router. @Dieds . Yes, you will be able to by setting up WDS which pretty much turns a wireless band into a extender. This is definately not a user friendly setup, and is not the best solution, but since you do not want to just shelve the router it's worth trying to put it in some use. Mar 06, 2019 · After you have entered the extender’s IP address, the configuration page will open, and you should click wireless settings, enter your wireless network name in the SSID box, and then save. Next, click on wireless security, select the security type (like WEP), type in the password, and then save. Keep in mind that your options may be different

The ideal location for your Wi-Fi extender is halfway between your wireless router and where you'll be using your streaming media device. A Wi-Fi extender can be beneficial in many cases. For instance, an extender can improve your streaming quality for watching movies and shows in various rooms of the house or outside on the deck.

Boost Your Wireless Signal Keep your devices connected in every room. NETGEAR WiFi range extenders help you keep mobile devices, media players and computers connected to WiFi with a fast, reliable connection and expanded coverage in every corner of your home. Do not use the WAN port. Log in to the router's web-based set up page in Wireless Repeater mode via the IP Address only. Supported encryption methods may include any of the following: WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal, and WPA-Mixed-Personal. IMPORTANT: Obtain the wireless settings of the main router or access point first before proceeding. The two-piece setup with the router and a single extender would be a good fit for single-story homes, and costs $269. Medium-sized homes might want to consider stepping up to the three-piece