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Service providers detected include T-Mobile but can only connect to AT&T (3G). This problem has been ongoing for over a year. Last attempt to fix was several months ago. Tech support merely reset the voice mail pin. Didn't solve the problem and I didn't have time to follow up. To access Netflix through T-Mobile, subscribers will need a plan with two or more lines on an eligible T-Mobile ONE voice plan. That means if you have any of the following plans, you'll need to T-Mobile says hacker gained access to employee email accounts, user data. This is the second security breach T-Mobile discloses in the last six months, after a first incident in November 2019. All you need is a compatible device and access to a tower on T-Mobile's network. This is different than the other carriers, which charge for access to 5G networks. T-Mobile has built a T-Mobile also is the one major carrier that currently doesn't require a special plan to use 5G. On Wednesday T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert told CNET that Sprint users will similarly still be able to

Contact AT&T by phone or live chat to order new service, track orders, and get customer service, billing and tech support. It’s taking longer than normal to reach us. But, you don’t have to wait for help.

As for finding 5G, there T-Mobile has a plan too. Existing Sprint subscribers have already gained access to T-Mobile’s LTE and 5G networks, while in return T-Mobile has started using 2.5 GHz Jul 22, 2020 · T-Mobile is even throwing a bone to Sprint customers who want to stay on their current wireless plan. They will be able to grab a Galaxy A71 5G for free, or a Galaxy S20 5G for 50% off with an Middleton contends that in July 2017, T-Mobile let an unknown hacker conduct an unauthorized SIM swap, in which control of Middleton's phone number and related personal and financial details were

Jun 28, 2019 · T-Mobile’s 5G is finally live in the U.S., specifically in select areas of six major cities. While the only device you can use to access it costs $1,300, it won’t cost you anything more than

Unlimited talk, text, data + 50GB of Premium Data After 50GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. Roaming may be at 2G speed. Standard-definition streaming 15GB mobile hotspot data per line After 15GB, mobile hotspot speed slowed to a maximum of 128Kbps. 5G access Req's compatible device for 5G connection. Limited