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This is the simple script could do the trick it has all the essence which needed by router its well tested on UBUNTU 16.04 #!/bin/bash # This script is written to make your Linux machine Router # With this you can setup your linux machine as gateway. # Author @ Mansur Ul Hasan # Email @ mansurali901@gmail.com # Defining interfaces for gateway.

networking - How can I set my linux box as a router to I have a linux machine with two network interfaces, eth0 and eth1 both with static IP address (eth0:, eth1: My goal is simple, I just want to forward ip packets from eth1 with destination in subnet to eth0, and forward ip packets from eth0 with destination in subnet to eth1. Network routes in Linux - Kernel Talks

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May 05, 2019 How to Configure and use Linux as a Router Learn how to use a Linux system as the router in detail through the practical example. Each computer, in the LAN network, uses a unique software address that is known as the IP address. For easier management and several technical reasons, IP addresses are grouped into the IP networks and the IP networks are further categorized into the five IP