Modems connect to a phone line and convert the internet data traffic so it can be piped through your phone line. Typical home routers are likely to combine both router and modem functions. You can’t connect two separate modems

Jan 27, 2018 How to Set Up a Wi-Fi Mesh Network | PCMag Dec 26, 2019 Solved: Two routers on one network netgear setup - NETGEAR Re: Two routers on one network netgear setup your easiest option is to make the Netgear router an Access pointthat way it is not acting as a DNS server and all the devices on your network are given their IP address by the Dlink router which will allow them to automatically see each other.

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If you have a big house (or office), you may find it necessary to run two wireless routers (or more) to share the internet connection around efficiently. Although you can just plug in both routers and start using them, a bunch of little network problems caused by having two wireless routers will soon start to annoy you. There’s a simple alternative which this article describes.

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Can i connect 2 routers (i want 2 completely separate networks, to a switch, connecting them both to the same modem (which only has one ethernet port). I read a lot about Wan and Lan and primary and secondary networks but i want them to be 2 completely independent networks on the same modem. Solved: Can I connect 2 routers to my SuperHub 2 or 3 as above we need to know if you have a lan cable between the SH and the new place you want internet and wifi - assuming the answer is yes then connect one of your routers to a pc via a cable log into it and turn off DHCP - then set its ip address to 192.1368.0.xx - xx can be anything other than 1 really but its better if its a high number - 99 Can I use 2 modems? - Internet - Internet Forum - Cox