Try to open it using the Anaconda Prompt.Just type jupyter notebook and press Enter.. Anaconda Prompt has existed for a long time and is the correct way of using Anaconda. May be you have a broken installation somehow. Try this, if the above doesn't work-In the Command Prompt type,. pip3 install jupyter if you're using Python3. Else, if you are using Python2.7 then type pip install jupyter.

How to open command prompt from powershell - Stack Overflow Open a PowerShell prompt from the Start Menu (All Programs --> Accessories if you're on XP, just search on higher versions of Windows), and just type dir and press Enter. It works similarly to the dir Command Prompt command. A COM object is definitely overkill. If you really, really need to use the Command Prompt within PowerShell, just run cmd Command prompt, PowerShell don't start after Windows 10 S Oct 02, 2018 Cannot open cmd.exe - Windows 10 Support Apr 24, 2017

[Guide] Different Ways to Open Command Prompt as

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To open command prompt from power user menu press Windows+X and then click on command prompt or Command Prompt (Admin). In the event that you see PowerShell rather than Command Prompt on the Power Users menu, that is a switch that came with the Creators Update for Windows 10.

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