The 15 Best Mac Apps to Make Everyday Life Easier Apple's macOS is a good operating system, but it's missing some key ingredients. Try these programs to get the most out of your Mac.

Jul 02, 2020 · Choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled) for any disk that you plan to use as a Time Machine backup disk or as a bootable installer. Will you be using the disk with another Mac? If the other Mac isn't using macOS High Sierra or later, choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Earlier versions of macOS don't work with APFS-formatted volumes. Aug 20, 2018 · Wunderlist is the best Mac app for activity tracking. Price: Free Get Wunderlist for Mac from Mac App Store Magnet – Window manager to keep workspace organized. Magnet is the best Mac window manager software for multitasking, it lets you arrange your Mac desktop in a quick way. At, you'll find over 67,000 items at great prices! Ship to hundreds of local stores.

Best Mac laptop for gaming. The Mac game library is growing. Plus, the ability to install Windows via Boot Camp on a Mac means Mac gamers can run Windows games too.

The Best Live Streaming Video Editor for Mac - Filmora Video Editor Looking for the best live streaming video editor to edit your real-time videos with fingertips? Here is the best video editor: Filmora9 Video Editor foe Mac , the choice of professionals to tackle the video editing creative ideas formation.

Jun 10, 2020 · Besides adding an SSD, the next best thing to do to give your old Mac Mini some additional legs for present-day computing is to add more RAM. The 2012 Mac Mini uses 1600MHz DDR3 SODIMM modules and can accept up to 16GB across two slots. So the best you can do is grab a 16GB kit made up of a pair of 8GB sticks. Here's how you install it. You’re invited to submit rumors and information to the site − and may even do so anonymously. Cult of Mac. This well-regarded daily news site is also on top of the latest out of Apple-land, with forums on the Mac that cover vintage computers to the latest models. Cult of Mac will also happily accept a news tip from you. MacFixIt Jul 04, 2020 · Mac OS X and macOS both come with a built-in compression system that can zip and unzip files. This integrated system is relatively basic, which is why many third-party apps are also available. A quick look at the Mac App Store reveals more than 50 apps for zipping and unzipping files. Aug 11, 2019 · Best Mac Apps. Without further due, here are the 18 best mac apps, that every mac owner must install and use them perfectly on their mac computers. 1Password. 1Password is a new app for mac, that saves and remembers all your important passwords for you in one place and everything is encrypted and locked.